Ieng Klukken, Marathon runner, Huntington Beach, CA

This morning before running, I mixed half a bottle of HIJINKS: The Energy Mixer with 4oz. of Smart Water. I drank it and then a half hour later I went out running. Not only was there a noticeable increase in my energy but it was stable for hours after. I finished my 2 hour run a full 15 minutes quicker because of it. I canít wait to use it for my longer runs and races. Thanks HIJINKS.

Mike Ikona, Drummer, BlackBrew

As the drummer of BlackBrew, I have to be sure that I have enough energy to put on a great LIVE performance. Before each show, I simply add a bottle of HiJinks to my bottled water. This insures that I am not only properly hydrated, but that I have the necessary energy to pound my drums with passion from the very first song, to the last encore. When using HiJinks, my performances are greatly enhanced due to my increased stamina. I will not play a show without first using HiJinks. Simply put, HiJinks is as important to my live performances as my drum sticks!

Elliot Jaramillo, Professional Cyclist

Caffeine is proven buffer against lactic acid and most endurance athletes that I compete with drink coffee prior to racing or working out. During long events, many of the performance fuels we consume (such as gel shots) contain caffeine... In fact... some of the best racing I've ever done has been after downing a double espresso right before the start... which gives me about 150 mg of caffeine! However, espresso is very acidic and hard on the stomach and I can't take one with me for a drink in the middle of a race! But with Hijinks... I can easily enhance my favorite sports fuels / drinks... Hijinks allows me to drink my preferred performance fuels during competition, but gives me the sustained caffeine that I want... without the acid of coffee.

Tom Wittenberg, Business man, Danville, CA

I'm a 24/7 kind of guy and I don't have time for power naps. Instead, I need power energy which is why I use HiJinks. I can customize my energy with my drink of choice. HiJinks keeps me on top of my game all day every day.

B Whitcomb, Engineer, Auburn, WA

I was given a 1.1 fl bottle of Hi Jinks on Thursday 06/17/2010, It was a day when I was really tired and not feeling well. I poured Jinks into a 24 oz glass of water, it added a flavor that encouraged me to drink the water faster then if just water alone. I enjoyed the flavor and there was no bad after taste. Soon I forgot about being tired and worked through the day. Jinks energy mix is refreshing just like eating a couple apples in the morning. I would recommend HiJinks to others and use Hijinks in the future.

Mic Dangerously, Lead singer for Zen Robbi, Long Beach, CA

Nothing like getting jacked on Hijinks before you go rock a show...

Hi'jinks [hi ' jingks] noun

Boisterous celebration or merrymaking; Unrestrained fun.


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